The Beer troops are warriors, who will do anything for this beverage - including going to war. You can find them in the Tavern.

After you recruit the troops of your choice, they are moved to the Boats, awaiting your command to go to the battlefield. Remember - the troops you use in battle do not come back, unless you have the favors of the gods!

To command a successful army, you have to keep training your troops and make sure they keep improving. You can do that in the Forge. A right amount of Beer given to the blacksmith will result in more powerful weapons and training that can make them stronger, faster or more resistant to enemies' attacks. Keep one thing in mind - every upgrade you complete makes the unit better, but also a little bit more expensive to recruit. But that's a small price for being unstoppable!

— Game's Help Pages

Nectar troops are not your typical warriors. You can find them at the Nectar Tavern. They are a very unique and special kind of troops.

These elite units can be a great asset in your battles, but ordinary Beer means nothing to them - you need something more precious to get their attention. Better get your Nectar Factories going at full pace to be able to fulfill their needs!Just like Beer troops, Nectar troops can be improved in the Forge - the only difference is you pay Nectar, instead of Beer.

— Game's Help Pages

Beer Tavern Troops Edit

Archer Icon

Elf Archer

Warrior Icon

Viking Warrior

Bear Rider Icon

Bear Rider

Wall Breaker Icon

Wall Breaker

Fairy Icon


Assasin Icon


Sorceress Icon


Bone Crusher Icon

Bone Crusher

Flying Goblin Icon

Flying Goblin

Pigator Icon


Nectar Tavern Troops. Edit

Shaman Icon


Dwarf Icon


Odin's Hound Icon

Odin's Hound

Transporter Icon


Dreki Icon


Rocket Tortoise Icon

Rocket Tortoise

Special Troops Edit

Goblin Ranger Icon

Goblin Ranger

War Horn Icon

War Horn

Loki Servant Icon

Loki's Servant

Zombie Icon