Treasure Island Edit

Treasure Island

Quest Breakdown Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

What a lovely day! How about paying your neighbours a visit?

Objective: Gather 9 Big star in PvP Attacks

Reward: 250000 Beer

Chapter 2
Flying Goblin Icon

You have heard there might be a treasure map in the Zombie Village. Pay for your expedition there.

Objective: Loot 360000 Gold

Reward: 5x Flying Goblin

Chapter 3 Edit

The map is in the village. Burn it to the ground and get it!

Objective: Finish Adventure "Burn it to the Ground" for 3 Big star

Reward: Artifact "Iron Flag"

Chapter 4 Edit

You have the map. Now, all you need is an army to get the Treasure. Train it!

Objective: Train an army of size 450

Reward: 10 Gems

Chapter 5 Edit

On your way to pass some other Vikings villages. Why not take a short break and drop by?

Objective: Gather 21 Big star in PvP Attacks

Reward: 500000 Gold and 500000 Beer

Chapter 6 Edit

The expedition is taking longer than you thought. You need to pay your army.

Objective: Loot 1750000 Beer in PvP Attacks

Reward: 15 Gems

Chapter 7 Edit

This is the treasure Island! Get your reward!

Objective: Finish Adventure "Treasure Island" for 3 Big star

Reward: 1500000 Gold and 2500 Nectar

Chapter 8 Edit

With the treasure, there was a small, locked chest. Seems you need nectar to open it!

Objective: Loot 5000 Nectar in PvP Attacks

Reward: Artifact "Polish Casket of Time"

Chapter 9 Edit

There are many robbers and pirates waiting to rob you on your way back. Defend yourself!

Objective: Gather 90 Big star in PvP Attacks

Reward: 45 Gems

Chapter 10 Edit

WHAT? There is a hidden compartment! If only we had some Viking heads to bash it on and break it...

Objective: Get 3 Big star in 15 PvP Attacks

Reward: 1 Item Crafting

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