The Betrayer Edit

The Betrayer

Quest Breakdown Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

The Fairy is back! the tavern. She seems to be harassed by those men though.

Objective: Gather 9 Big star in PvP Attacks

Reward: 1x Bone Crusher and 20x Viking Warrior

Chapter 2 Edit

She won't tell you her story while being sober. One or two beer should be enough for such a frail woman. Right? 

Objective: Store 600 000 Beer

Reward: 10 Gems

Chapter 3 Edit

A powerfull witch has thrown the Fairy out of her home! Show her some action to cheer her up!

Objective: Gather 12 Big star in PvP Attacks

Reward: 2000 Nectar

Chapter 4 Edit

Your offer to escort her back and take care of things. Let the journey beginn!

Objective: Finish Adventure "Fort Henry" for 3 Big star

Reward: 1 200 000 Beer

Chapter 5 Edit

There are many opposing villages blocking the way. Do it the hard way!

Objective: Gather 60 Big star in PvP Attacks

Reward: 20 Gems

Chapter 6 Edit

Turns out the witch has also stolen the Fairy's magic pendant. Prepare to take it back!

Objective: Recruit 100 nectar units

Reward: 1 000 000 Gold and 1 000 000 Beer

Chapter 7 Edit

The pendant should be in safekeeping of one of the witch's vassals. Charge!

Objective: Get 3 Big star in PvP Attacks

Reward: Artifact "Reliquary of Defense" - Chest Artifact

Chapter 8 Edit

No trace of the pendant! The Fairy admits she MIGHT have actually lost it in your village...

Objective: Recruit 1500 Elf Archers

Reward: 1 000 000 Gold

Chapter 9 Edit

Treason! The Fairy is the witch! And you did all the dirty work. Beginn taking revange on her allies.

Objective: Gather 72 Big star in PvP Attacks

Reward: 1 000 000 Beer and 10 000 Nectar

Chapter 10 Edit

The final showdown is here. No one uses you and gets away with it!

Objective: Finish Adventure "Witch's Stronghold" for 3 Big star

Reward: 30 Gems and 1x Item Crafting.

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