Hero Training Edit

Throughout the game heroes gain experience, which increases their level and in turn allows them to improve their stats

The maximum level that a hero can reach is capped though.

Basic Training increases the hero's level cap by 10, up to 200.

Master Training allows your hero to be trained by your best hero. This option is only available when you have a stronger hero than the one you wish to train. This kind of training is not only free in terms of resources, but also does not occupy your stronger hero, allowing him to participate in battles as normal. Master Training raises hero's level by 10, as long as it doesn't exceed the trainer hero's level. The level cap still has to be raised normally, through Basic Training.

Basic TrainingEdit

Level Cost Time
10 20 000 Beer 30m
20 50 000 Beer 1 h
30 200 Nectar 1h 30m
40 250 Nectar 2h 30m
50 300 Nectar 3h 30m
60 400 Nectar 4h 30m
70 500 Nectar 5h 30m
80 750 Nectar 6h 30m
90 1000 Nectar 8h
100 1500 Nectar 12h
110 2000 Nectar 16h
120 3000 Nectar 20h
130 5000 Nectar 1d
140 10000 Nectar 2d
150 15000 Nectar 3d
160 20000 Nectar 4d
170 25000 Nectar 5d
180 28000 Nectar 6d
190 30000 Nectar 10d
200 Max Level reached
Basic Training

Master Training Edit

There are two possible ways to level up the Heroes after the Basic Training.

The first way is to play with the Hero to gain his experience (xp). The points will increase only if the the battle in PvP is won. There are Artifacts which help to increase the xp.

  • Hel Statistic
  • Increasing XP with Artifact Bonus
  • Increasing xp with Artifact Bonus
  • Artifacts
  • Legendary Artifact
  • Rare Artifact
  • Special Artifact

The second way is the Master Training. The Master Training is only possible if there is a Hero in a higher level. The Master Training is free and available after the Basic Training. The Hero in a higher level will be the Trainer. 

Master Training