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GuildHouse 1

In-game description

Create a guild or join one by repairing this building!

Tease Guild House1

Tease_Guild House1

Get troops and amazing rewards!

Troop requests: ask your guild mates for troops for your Guild House and Bunkers. These troops will help you to defend your village once it's attacked. The maximum amount of troops you can hold depends on the level of your Guild House.

It's fine to play on your own, but it's so much better to play Vikings Gone Wild with friends! Being part of a Guild opens up so much more of the game. :) Whether a small guild or a big one, with long time friends or with strangers who become friends, there are plenty of fun benefits in being part of a team. Things like Guild Wars, Honor Bonus of resources, winning Gems, Troop Request ability and your own Guild Chat. :)

So, Create or Join a Guild!

Create or Join a Guild

After you create or join a guild, you can donate gold to allow more members to join the guild, and donate beer to raise the number of guild house troops you can request.


Increase Guild Size1


Increase Troop Request

Your Guild House is connected to your Bunkers (which also holds donated defensive troops).. by a tunnel. Put your Guild House in a critical defensive position to strengthen your village when you are attacked.

The donated troops will be at the same level as "the level you have of your own upgraded troops" in your Forge.

When you donate troops to your guild mates, you receive Honor Points which make your personal Rankings go up, your Guild Rankings go up, and you get more rewards! :)

02 Trainie


08 Raider


16 King


Troops that can be donated:

Elf Archer Viking Warrior Bear Rider Bone Crusher Pigator
Archer Icon

Elf Archer

Warrior Icon

Viking Warrior

Bear Rider Icon

Bear Rider

Bone Crusher Icon

Bone Crusher

Pigator Icon


A book crafted in the Hall of Ancestors can put 5 Zombies in your Guild House to help defend your village against attack!

Crafted Book2

Craft Book2

Level Life Points Cost to Upgrade Build Time
Destroyed - - -
1 1500 40000
2 3000 1000000
3 4500 8000000
Available Amount 1