Blood Rage Edit

Blood Rage Skill Icon

In-game description of this Special Item Set for Heroes.

Makes your hero attacks much stronger for awhile, as well as the units around Him.

To unlock Blood Rage, you must Craft the 3 piece Ragnarok Set in the Hero Equipment Crafting area of the game using either Gems or a Free Item Master Craft that you have won.

Blood Rage takes 5 seconds cool down before it can be used for the first time and the power is only active for 8 seconds. The cool down from after initializing the power is 18 seconds. Because the duration of the power is 8 seconds, the power is only inactive for 10 seconds between 2 consecutive uses as power cool down happens simultaneously with use.

The Cooldown of the Special Attack: 18 Seconds

Here is a Video by Debla from October, 2015 - Blood Rage Video Wiki.

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