Artifacts are powerful objects which can help you manage your village and fight with other players. There are 4 types of Artifacts:

Statues - increase resource production in your village. Depending on the Statue it can be Gold, Beer or Nectar. You can see the changed production number when you click on the factories details.

Books - decrease building and Forge upgrades time. Increase the XP gained by your heroes. You can see the time changed in the corresponding places: building time while building, upgrade time in Forge and XP on the battle summary screen.

Chests - increase loot you get from each battle. It can give you more Gold, Beer or Nectar loot. You can see additional loot in the battle summary screen.

Banners - increase your troop's statistics during a battle. It can affect damage dealt or received, increased attack or movement speed. You can see the troop statistic change in the troop's details and at the beginning of the battle.

Only one Artifact of each kind can be activated at one time. Normal Artifacts can have 3 different rarity types: Uncommon, Rare and Legendary. As the Artifacts are very special at the start, there is no Common ones. The rarity will improve:

Percentage of affected skill - how much Artifacts affects the given statistic

Time of activation - how long the Artifact will be working for

Number of uses - how many times you can activate an Artifact before it disappears.


Special Artifacts are a bit different from normal ones. They are very hard to craft. Each of them have its working description (unique for each Special Artifact) and cooldown after use. You have to have the corresponding Artifact slot free to activate Special Artifact (if it's a Statue, you cannot have any other Statue active). After activating you have to wait untill the cooldown ends, before you can activate it again. At any given moment you have a chance to craft any Special Artifacts, in crafting window are shown only examples: you may receive another Special Artifact that the ones displayed.

— Game's Help Pages

Available Special Artifacts:Edit

Type of Artifact Name of the Artifact Rewards Cooldown
Chests Leprechaun Bucket

Receive 100000Gold

Chests Philosopher`s Stone Convert 20% of your beer to gold 3d
Chests Engineer`s Box Gain 3 automatic trap rearms 3d
Statues Absynth Fairy Receive 500Nectar 2d
Banners Call to Arms: Pigator Recruit 3 Pigators 2d
Banners Call to Arms: Rocket Tortoise Recruit 3 Rocket Tortoise 2d
Banners Call to Arms: Drekis Recruit 5 Drekis 2d
Banners Call to Arms: Bone Crushers Recruit 8 Bone Crushers 2d
Books Illuminati Gain 100xp on all of your heroes 3d
Books Necronomicon Add 5 Zombies to your Guildhouse


Examples Special Artifacts:

  • Absynth Fairy
  • Call to Arms: Bone Crushers
  • Illuminati
  • Leprechaun Bucket
  • Necronomicon
  • Call to Arms: Pigators
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Call to Arms: Drekis
  • Engineer's Box
  • Call to Arms: Rocket Tortoise